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I’m running for State Senate to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage during these uncertain times. New Hampshire’s respect for life, liberty, and property is what makes our state great, and by working to protect these timeless ideals, we can ensure prosperity for future generations and keep New Hampshire as one of the best states to live, work, and play.

Like you, I’m concerned about out of control government spending. Democrats in the state Senate seem to only have two agendas: increasing the size and scope of government in Concord and raising taxes and fees to fund their schemes. Like former NH Governor Mel Thomson used to say: “Low taxes are the result of low spending.” 

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our communities, the Granite State is facing a $500 million budget shortfall, and I’m committed to finding solutions that don’t extend the burden to families and businesses. In short, I will NEVER support a sales or income tax. I know that by making tough decisions about our spending priorities, we can emerge from this crisis on a strong fiscal footing.

We need strong and steady leaders in times of crisis. I’m committed to finding common-sense, conservative solutions to the myriad of issues facing Granite Staters from all walks of life. As a two-term State Representative, I have a proven track record of principled conservative leadership, and as your State Senator, I will continue to be a strong voice for the voters of State Senate District 23. 

I’m working hard to bring my message to all corners of Senate District 23, and I hope to earn your vote on Election Day. Please sign up to support my campaign by donating or volunteering your time and skills. Together we can make a difference.


If elected to the State Senate, I will:

  • Work to restore fiscal responsibility.  I will fight to get our budget under control, NOT by raising taxes, but by eliminating waste and lowering taxes to stimulate the economy so we can recover from the COVID-19 recession faster.
  • Focus government spending on priorities.  There’s never any shortage of special interest groups begging for taxpayer dollars.  I believe Concord should prioritize spending on ensuring public safety, education, and maintaining our roads to keep the Granite State’s critical infrastructure open.
  • Stop New Hampshire’s pending business tax hike.  In 2019, Democrats included business tax “triggers” in the state budget in exchange for Business Profits Tax (BPT) and Business Enterprise Tax (BET) relief.  If tax collections for the Fiscal Year are 6% lower than forecast — as they most certainly will be now with the COVID-19 recession’s impact on business activity — a crippling double-digit tax hike will go into effect on January 1.  Many struggling business owners are wondering whether Concord will act to prevent the tax hike from crushing them.  If our current Democrat incumbent gets his way, the answer will almost assuredly be “NO!”  
  • Fight for educational opportunities that ensure students get the education they deserve. Concord should directly provide parents with the funds they need to send their children to the school of their choice so that every child can get the education their parents think is best.
  • Work to enact a Right to Work Law in New Hampshire. There’s no reason why New Hampshire should force workers to pay union dues just to get or keep their jobs.
  • Defend the New Hampshire Advantage.  Our Second Amendment rights, the sanctity of life, our historical monuments, and the preservation of our religious freedoms are all values I will fight for in Concord.

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